Seafood crudités and venetian cuisine classics.

Shellfish like shrimp and prawns from Mazzara, fish, such as tuna, sword fish, salmon and sea bass and even the selected French Fines de Claires oysters...these are the specialities that are offered every so often as seafood crudités.

Amongst our classic appetisers you will find moscardini al vapore, small steamed octopuses, i bolliti di mare, a mixture of boiled seafood, cape sante and canestrelli scallops and i cannolicchi alla piastra, razor clams prepared in a skillet. More than that, there is octopus salad, creamed red snapper and Venetian specialities like le sarde in saor, sardines prepared to a traditional Venetian recipe, and spider crab salad.

First course

Risottos and home made pasta, fish soups.

After many years in the kitchen next to Signora Bruna, Nadia has been able to blend together tradition and her grandmother's secrets with her own personality and a distinctively Mediterranean flavour.

That is the reason that next to not-to be-missed classics like risotto ai frutti di mare, a seafood risotto or risotto alla zuppa di pesce, a fish broth risotto, or better yet, spaghettini with "pevarasse", a risotto with clams, other creations have been added, which feature fine ingredients that come from the throughout the whole Mediterranean area and beyond. Sardinian Mullet Bottarga, red tuna from Favignana, Pantelleria capers, Ligurian Taggiasche olives, home made pasta from Gragnano near Naples...

These are only some of the fine dishes that can be found being prepared by Signora Nadia and her staff.

Second courses

Grilled fish and a large selection of fried foods

The area of the kitchen that is dedicated to the grill works only on the specific order of the customer. From ordering to the grill. You can choose between various types of shellfish, such as shrimp, prawns and Mediterranean lobsters; fish like sea bass, bream and turbot, or if you prefer, types of local fish from Caorle market like soasi, sole and monkfish.
At the right time you can also try Saccaleva sardines from Trieste.
A separate section is dedicated to grilled eel, a true speciality of the restaurant, which has always been on the menu and comes from nearby rivers, like Livenza and Sile.

Amongst the fried offerings, other than calamari, shrimp and prawns, you will also find moeche, soft shell crabs, smelt and large sardines (anchovies).


Desserts and homemade pastries

To end on a sweet note, the restaurant presents a diverse menu devoted to deserts and homemade pastries every day.

The quality of our offerings remain high even at the end of your dinner: "simple and good" are the key words that the Capiotto family demand when they create, matching first class ingredients, traditional recipes and love for their territory, but above all, the passion and emotions to be conveyed, in an excellent way.

Wine cellar

Labels selected for perfect pairings

In order to spend a few relaxing hours at the table, you need to think about what you are drinking.

Great, local classics are offered in order to best express the culinary and wine traditions of the area for people looking for the pleasure of surrounding themselves with the best wines. Our wine cellar offers a carefully selected range of important Italian and foreign wines that Sergio Capiotto, A.I.S sommelier, recommends for perfect pairings with recipes and passions.

Even the moments after dinner will be pleasantly warmed by rich, carefully selected spirits: grappa and and Scottish single malts, Rhum Agricole and cognac from France.