and tradition

Tranquillity, passion and tradition are what you breath at Al Traghetto Restaurant, seated in one of the 40 seats on our terrace, shaded by the gazebos that overlook the river or in our elegant dining room that has up to 70 seats.

Dine outdoors

The magical union between cuisine made with passion and untouched nature is without a doubt an opportunity that should not be missed. While admiring the surrounding views, where the Piave River plunges into the rural countryside not far from its estuary, you can take time to relax in our outdoor area that has around 30 seats, or better still, you can make yourself comfortable in one of the two gazebos facing the river.

Passion since 1964

Originally a simple friggitoria, a fry shop located in a busy area, as it was intended by its founder Sergio Capiotto in 1964, it is now a restaurant in every way.

Family team

The Capiotto family, who have always been at the helm of the restaurant, which includes Mauro, sister Cinzia, wife Nadia and children Sergio and Riccardo, are responsible for the entire management of the restaurant and are supported in their work by capable staff.

The family’s thoughts