Nature’s scents

Admiring the surrounding views, where the Piave River plunges into the rural countryside not far from its estuary.

The movable boat bridge that connects the banks of the Piave river, close to where it flows into the Adriatic, the flow of water, the smell of acacia trees in bloom and the sounds of the surrounding countryside filled with many birds that find refuge and shelter here amongst the many reeds.

And what’s more, fishermen’s nets and the rising of the fish scales…this is what the surrounding environment bestows on the attentive traveller who is not in a hurry.

Private dock
for boats

In addition to the spacious private parking lot, the restaurant also has a place reserved for docking boats.
Mooring alongside the dock, which is around 45 metres, is convenient and quick, as is getting back onto the sea, thanks to the river mouth that is just a kilometre away.